Two Major Apps for Events that Event Organisers Use

If you are an event organiser, the use of an event management software should no longer be alien to you. There are a lot of event management technologies up for grabs today and it makes sense that youarm yourself with modern solutions that work for your needs. When it comes to mobile applications, there are two major apps that you may consider for your next event: the check-in app and the delegate event app.

This resource will give you a clear idea of what these apps for events can do for your team and your attendees.

1.) Check-in apps

Check-in apps are basically mobile applications that your staff can use to allow faster check-in of guests on the day of your event. This type of apps for events are usually paired with a registration software since guest lists are based on the registration database. You may ask: what can this app specifically do?

  1. Check-in apps read QR codes.

For big events, check in apps can be used to read QR codes found on attendee tickets. This type of apps for events works in a way that a mobile device’s camera becomes a scanner to read codes. There’s no need for you to buy expensive bar code scanners since your staff members can simply use smartphones or tablets. Through this easy procedure, your guests can be checked in to your venue in as fast as two seconds. With a QR code reader, human traffic can be significantly reduced at your venue entrance.

  1. Check-in apps let you manage your guest list.

Managing your guest list is a cumbersome task which is why check-in apps for events are continually designed by software providers. You can use the check in app to manually manage your guest list. By clicking on a user, you can confirm, cancel, or mark as pending his or her attendance. Since check in apps are cloud-based, any changes that your staff will make on the guest list will be reflected on all synced devices. Moreover, the app may also send VIP notifications once your staff has read the QR code of a VIP ticket holder. This allows your staff to conduct special procedures for highly important guests.

  1. Check-in mobile apps for business events accommodate simultaneous events

Mobile apps for business events such as the check-in app can also handle several events at once. If you are organising simultaneous events, all of your team members can work from the same place since you can simply choose from the check in app which event you’d like to use for check-in or onsite registration.

To find out more about this type of technology, do a more extensive research about the event check in app.

2.) Delegate event apps

Delegate event apps are mobile apps that attendees can download to their phones or tablets. It has a wide range of functionality that will improve your attendees’ user experience. This type of apps for events is only accessible to registered attendees through their log-in credentials. Here are the top three features of delegate event apps:

  1. Delegate event apps provide event information to attendees

The most forthright use of this type of apps for events is its ability to provide event information to your attendees. Through the app, your attendees can see the program agenda, the speakers, and the sponsors through different tabs. In fact, using mobile applications instead of program printouts is better for the environment because it prevents paper wastage. If you’d also program the app, it can even show the guest list to your attendees so that they will know in advance who else are coming to your event.

  1. Delegate mobile apps for events and conferences support networking

Delegate mobile apps for events and conferences may also support networking activities during your event. This is very helpful especially if you are organising a business event where attendees would want to meet prospects for their business goals. Through this type of apps for events, they can enjoy matchmaking functions that will allow them to set meetings with other attendees at a specific time and venue. Furthermore, event apps may also have a community function that will allow your attendees to keep in touch with everyone even after your event has ended. A community is like a social media platform that is tailored specifically for the demographics of your attendees.

  1. Delegate mobile apps for events welcome user input

Last but not the least, delegate mobile apps for events welcome your attendees’ input. This is a big selling point for many event organisers since you would want to get feedback from your attendees on their satisfaction and overall experience. Through this type of apps for events, they may leave comments for speakers and fill out post-event surveys that will help you generate reports later.

There are many other mobile applications that you can use for your events; you may read more about the event management app.

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