Are Free Event Apps Your Best Choice?

free event apps

It’s about time that you start to consider investing in one of the most highly sought for event technology products: the event app. The event app is one of the best add-ons to an event management software for its mobile functionality and features. While your decision is contingent on the amount of budget allocated for this type of technology, it pays to know if it’s worth it to choose free products as compared to highly customised apps that come at a certain price. Here are three tips that you may find helpful in terms of comparing free vs paid products:

  1. Do a needs assessment.

Before you start researching for the best brand, it’s highly recommended that you do a needs assessment first. Why do you need an event app? Are there specific processes of the event management lifecycle that you wish to address? In what ways can the app provide a more engaging experience for your attendees? Those are only some of the questions that you can ask. You should consider the different features associated to event apps and see if they can help address the specific needs that you have listed down.

  1. Check overall functionality of free apps.

Now that you have an idea of what type of application you are looking for, try to do a simple research online and check if any free event app will suffice. If you are organising events of a technical nature – such as professional and business conferences – free event apps may not always work in your favour. On the other hand, there may be event app providers who are willing to give you a free trial of their service. While this may seem like a captivating offer, be wary of hidden fees as you proceed.

  1. Consult your team.

Lastly, it pays to consult your team so that you can brainstorm whether free apps are the way to go. Often, it’s better to invest money in a reliable event app that can be customised according to your needs and preferences. While you may be shelling out resources, you will be getting your money’s worth through a company that prioritises your satisfaction above everything else. The longevity of these paid applications are also more reliable since some providers can give you an unlimited number of event apps depending on the number of events you organise in a year.

You should know that the event app is being used by most major event organisers today such as esteemed event agencies.