Benchmarking Event Apps for Event Organisers

event apps

If you have been meaning to invest in an event app, your research should point you to an online event management system. Event apps are gaining traction in the events industry and you will have different choices to consider. While there is no written standard on how an event app should function, the best thing you can do is to compare different types of event apps against each other. This will help you arrive at the best product after conducting your research for this type of technology.

Here are three tips that will be helpful when benchmarking event apps that run through an event management software:

  1. Compare available features.

Event apps are packed with different features and this aspect could be your starting point for research. While the features you need will vary – depending on the nature of your events – it pays to know the different capabilities of every event app that you will encounter online. The main features that you may enjoy are social media integration, networking tools, and an inclusive access to event details and your floor map. It is recommended that you do a needs assessment first on the different features that you would want to integrate into your current system. This will help you narrow down your choices.

  1. Compare pricing.

Pricing is another integral aspect to consider when looking for the best event app. The market is full of different app providers. Some of them can be considered industry leaders and this may come at a very high cost. For this reason, always ask for price quotations first. The application does not have to come from the biggest event management software providers. There are smaller event app providers that can give the same – if not better – quality of service.

  1. Observe quality of customer support.

Lastly, considering the quality of customer support of the app provider should also take precedence. Take note of subtle cues that will tell you if a company is reliable or not. From the very first moment that you initiate contact with these companies, observe qualities of good customer support such as responsiveness, type of language, and their concern to meet your specific needs. For every event technology that you will be using, you would want to contract companies that put your satisfaction above everything else. Take note as well if they are easy to contact by checking if their email and customer support lines are working.

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