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Aventri is the software platform to go to for executing conferences, meetings and corporate events that are in line with your goals. Users are also able to carry out all their management tasks more efficiently, encourage people to keep registering and attend various events. Users have the opportunity of networking and also making valuable connections to reach the goal of their businesses.


Aventri Software Information

Aventri software can be applied in various cases and scenarios and leveraged by multiple roles. Event planning managers can make use of the software solution to simplify the management way and the different aspects of their meetings, from registration, email marketing campaign management, check-in, on-site engagement, etc.

It can also be used by meeting planners to fix budgets to meetings, reduce meeting cost and make sure compliance is achieved across all the meetings.

Aventri application is filled with tools that make it is simple for users to execute inspiring and unforgettable meetings and events.

Request a Demo & Pricing here: https://www.aventri.com


Event Management App

Fully integrated mobile event application, Aventri Event Registration is at the core of the platform. This platform is specifically designed to make the process of registration for conferences, meeting or corporate events as simple as possible.

It allows users to create a mobile responsive registration site that attendees can access from any device.

The platform also supports integration with payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net and CyberSource so attendees can have various options for sending payment online during registration.

Another exciting feature that comes with the Aventri/etouches event management platform is the Aventri Smart Tag, a small device attendees can have on them while they are attending an event. Attendees can also use this tag to check in and check out.

Get Aventri Events Apk for Android

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Download Aventri Events for iOS

Install and login on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:


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