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The EventsCase event planning software is a first-class event management software to manage all your events, meetings and conferences, no matter the frequency and size or location. All the application features are important for comprehensive event management.


EventsCase Software Information

The software provides solutions like corporate organiser website, event websites, check in app, event registration and ticketing, communities, networking, 1-2-1 meeting schedules, etc.

EventsCase is the event management solution that has changed the old ways in which events were planned and organised. With everything is a centralised location, EventsCase makes it easy for event managers to track all aspect of their events such as registration and ticketing, networking, app development, hereby saving time and cost at the same time.

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Event Management App

The drag and drop dashboards give the users the opportunity of generating contents for their websites using the 40 modules particularly designed within the content management system. Enterprises can now build websites of single or many pages and in different languages also such as Arabic, Spanish, and English etc.

The software also provides an excellent solution in engaging people and communities whether they are virtual or localised. 1-2-1 meetings can be planned using the scheduling tools, with also the ability to control the numbers of users to attend the meeting. Also, users can get a hold of the personalised agenda and confirm whether they would be available as per their own calendar.

Users can also create a private networking area where licensed delegates can interact and share contents with other people in attending. EventsCase also fosters attendee’s engagement after events as well as before and during events by creating online communities.

EventsCase offers users an effective registration process whereby they can track registration data, communicate with delegates, import or export data.

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