How to Choose the Right Venue for Your Event how to choose the right venue for your event venue event

Event planning can be a stressful profession to be in: there are simply so many things to consider. Whether it be the number of guests, the type of food or the style of entertainment, it’s essential for planners to prepare thoroughly.

But probably the most crucial aspect of any event is the venue. This can make or break an important event. Here are a few tips to finding the ideal one:


Choose the right capacity

While this may seem obvious, it’s a factor that’s easily overlooked. A venue that is too big for an event gives an empty feel to the occasion and puts a dampener on the atmosphere. Too small, on the other hand, and guests will feel uncomfortable.

More importantly, venues have to comply with health and safety regulations and if a place is overcrowded you can run the risk of breaching them.

Make this your first query when getting in touch with the venue management.

Select the best location for your guests

Organisers often get distracted by the facilities of a venue without stopping to think about how easy it is to actually get the guests there.

Questions that are important to consider include:

  • For local events, is it accessible from the guests’ place of work?
  • For international attendees, is the venue situated close to key transport hubs such as airports or train stations?

Also, don’t forget to help guests with their punctuality. Google Maps is a great feature for sharing directions and location info.

Take into account additional services offered

Most successful venues will offer a range of services included in the price. Competition is often high so it’s possible to find some excellent deals.

Often places will offer staff to help set up and clean up afterwards. This is often a god-send as it saves assembling your own team instead.

Planning to use audio-visual equipment? Some locations offer this as part of a package, another great advantage.

Take out adequate insurance

Last, but certainly not least, is covering your back in case of any kind of incident.

While it’s true many places won’t do business with you without some kind of cover in place, many don’t check.

Make this a fundamental part of any event preparation as it will give you the peace of mind to know that guests are protected in case of emergency.

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