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In this age of globalization, many business professionals are forced to find new ways to engage with customers, acquire, and retain them. Event Marketing is the cumulative process taken to convert the prospects into attendees by conducting different events like conferences, seminars, webinars, etc. The objective behind organizing these events is to promote their brand, product, or services.

What is an Event? An event is a preconceived notion which is customized and modified to meet the set objectives of the client and also the target audience by providing an incredible experience and a venue for interaction.


  • Event Marketing encompasses an array of events like conferences, seminars, webinars, tradeshows, roadshows, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, ceremonies, and so on. All these events communicate something to the audience and can be used for brand endorsement, building business relationships, compiling a database, loyalty-building, etc.
  • The next step is to make sure the message is communicated to the target audience. Therefore, it is necessary to study the attendee profile to be able to communicate effectively.
  • The success of any event is measured if it can achieve the set objectives. Event marketing should be goal-oriented. The goal is to make sure all the set objectives are attained or else it results in a failure.
  • One way of getting feedback from the attendees is through the feedback form. This feedback will help in understanding the event performance and how likely are they going to attend the other event conducted.
  • Proper evaluation of the team is necessary as it helps in finding mistakes and rectifying it. Event evaluation is an effective and efficient way of measuring the performance of an event.
  • The location which is chosen to conduct the event also plays an important role. Choose a venue which is nearby with all facilities like food station and restrooms.


  • Helps in building the brand.
  • Highlights the feature of the brand, product, or services.
  • Maintaining and creating the brand identity.
  • Rejuvenating brands during the different product life cycle stages.
  • Communicating the repositioning of brands, product, or services.
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