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Every business booms if it has a good policy for its publicity and nowadays, we are all well aware of the fact that even in third world countries, social media is getting famous for promoting different businesses. We have compiled a list of how to use social media in order to keep your business alive in your clients’ minds and get more customers from different online markets.

First of all, you obviously need to have a well maintained Facebook page that gets regular updates and posts. You can use the awesome tool of scheduled posts in order to keep your followers engaged. Use twitter as a teaser of what your firm specializes in and then link your other platforms to your tweets.

Keeping the nature of your firm, you need to have an active presence on Instagram as pictorial stories are the ones best told. Good pictures of your events and office will get you a lot of following and the more followers you have, more the chances of you getting hired by your followers.

Now that we established the importance of a few of the big platforms on the internet, let’s see how you can use these platforms to maximum followers. On Facebook and Twitter, you can arrange a poll about what new features do the people want in different events. You can also post about a competition in which the lucky winner will get a gift hamper from your firm or an invitation to your event or even a discount for hiring you for their next events.

You can use social media to provide a 360-degree video of your events and different venues that you can cover. This will provide a better understanding to your online clients and they will be attracted to contact you. It then depends on your communication skills for how you convince your client.

You can make a big breakthrough in getting hired if you announce a commission for any existing client or a registered follower on social media who provides you with a successful referral client. This method will not only get you free marketing personnel, but it will also get you a handsome amount of clients as well.

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