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Shocklogic is events management company that helps organisers if events, associations and societies with online event management software technology and solutions for organising and managing conferences, events, members and contact.


Shocklogic Software Information

The company was founded in 1997 by John D. Martinez and has a team of professional experts with a good number of years of experience under their belts.

Pros of Shock-Logic:

  • Great support team, patient and willing to answer client questions to satisfactory level
  • Honest and realistic in delivering deadlines
  • Quite user friendly with a well outlined and understandable interface
  • Resourcefulin providing items needed for planning meetings and events
  • Strong email marketing and campaign such that participants are constantly reminded of upcoming events
  • Prompt and efficient in deliveries of event materials
  • Big on client feedback and willing to make changes to improve user’s experience
  • Fair social media integration
  • Pricing, quite fair
  • Users always have access to previous data, no matter where they are
  • Participants are able to pay for events in all types of international currencies
  • Top Notch organisation broken down into different hubs and easy for participant to know where to get information shocklogic event management software shocklogic app

Event Management App

Shock-Logic has been on the event management scene for quite a while and keeps updating its structures to meet up with economic and technological changes in the society. The platform is a fairly good choice in organising and providing services for events.

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