The 4 Most Complete Apps to Organize and Manage Events the 4 most complete apps to organize and manage events event apps

Event registration and guest check-in is an important part of any event process. Improper handling of the check-in process could result is lost time and attendees waiting in a long queue. To optimize your registration and check-in process, you can take advantage of some of the best event registration app reviewed below.


Aventri Events

Aventri Events App

Aventri is an end-to-end event planning and management software that has been changing the way organisations plan their events and schedule meetings.

Aventri is a flexible and easy to use event management technology solution that brings together all the tools for your business and all the features users need to execute and deliver great and memorable event experiences to their attendees and invitees in a powerful system.

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Cvent Events

Cvent Events

Cvent is the leading web-based tool that provides software for event planners and organisers to manage their invitation and collect registration fee. With the Cvent management software, event planners can now track the attendance of multiple events and capture important information.

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Eventbrite Organiser

Eventbrite Organiser

Founded in 2006 by the couple, Kevin and Julia Hartz, alongside Renaud Visage, Eventbrite company is an online platform that allows anyone creates, share, find and attend events. These events range from conferences to community rallies to fundraisers, gaming competitions, music festivals and so on and so forth.

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EventsCase event management software also allows on-site registration, messaging and networking. With EventsCase you now have an all in one branded event planning and registration solution for your corporate events, meetings and conferences.

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