Top 5 Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Event Planners top 5 most popular social media platforms for event planners social media events

Do you want to know five of the best Social Media platforms for your event business? Event Planners have a lot on their plate. They’re responsible for every aspect of an event, from catering to transport and one of their main tasks is also marketing.

Thankfully in this day and age, there are many digital solutions to help them with this, with a key one being social media. The good thing about this method is it allows planners to see tangible results to their marketing by valuable tools and metrics.


How to Use Social Media in Event Planning?

Here are some of the very best platforms to use:


The granddaddy of social media is still a hot tool in event promotion. Corporate planners can form business pages to build interest in an event and use status updates to post key information such as schedule and transport details.

The same can be said for music and sports events with the use of fan pages. Here attendees can interact with speakers and get tagged in event photos.


The must-have for business events, this is an extremely useful marketing tool for B2B networking. While its main objective is to connect professionals it’s also a great place to find sponsors and vendors to help you get your event off the ground.

A feature highlight is its tool that allows you to send invitations to connections using RSVPs which will then appear on their homepage so that their connections can view it.


The now world-famous hashtag is a hugely effective tool for building interest in your event. Start spreading the hashtag and encourage sponsors and attendees to do the same. It can also be applied to event pamphlets and merchandise.

When using tweets, make sure they’re engaged and varied in order to keep followers interested. There’s even an in-built metric tool for you to keep tabs on the success of your posts.


A visual delight for attendees, this image-based platform is perfect for visual events. Again using hashtags to generate interest, Instagram also offers useful business tools including a sophisticated ad scheme that has proven results.

Its appeal to the younger generation makes it very useful for live music events, where it’s now the dominant medium.


Becoming increasingly popular with planners because of its popularity amongst youngsters, this is another great tool for music events. Planners can post content about the event in the run-up to it and target likely attendees in a bid to encourage them to come. One to watch.

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