Top Trends of Event Management in 2019 top trends of event management in 2019 app trends

Management has been a crucial part of event planning since years. It’s through the proper management that an event remains in the minds of its attendees for years. People tend to follow innovative and novel ways to make their functions unique of all. The same trend is now followed by the event planners and managers.

The use of tech inventions is getting higher and higher in event management. The tech management has undergone a revolutionary change and up gradation in this regard. Several tech revolutions were a part of management in 2018 and it kept its pace somewhat faster in 2019.

One of these really amazing trends is use of Drones. From a carrier to a video making, Drone has proved to be the best partners of event managers. They not only give a sound coverage of the event but also enable the organizers to accomplish the remote tasks. Another one, that is being used by most of the event managers is the use of virtual reality. This takes the attendees engagement to a higher level, a pre requisite of a planner. This enables the managers to make their events more engaging and more productive in the sense of promotion. Facial recognition is an aspect that is taking the events of 2019 to a verge of individuality. This not only gives an overall behavior chart of the attendee but is also a clear cut way for fool proof security.

The major factor that has changed this system of management a lot is Mobile App for Events. Scheduling, event reports, data management and invitations given through mobile app, makes it much easier for the participants to approach their function on time. Use of artificial intelligence or robots is also a Tech management trend that has overly changed the overlook of whole event. By using this technology human aid in managing a system well has been minimized and robots have taken their place. One of its major benefits is, the chance of mistakes is zero. Thus all these tech inventions have change the overall look of events and have made them a little more professional.

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