Why are Google Reviews crucial for an Event Planning Company?

appsforevents.org why are google reviews crucial for an event planning company google reviews

Reviews speak louder than the marketing campaigns. Modern-day consumers never try out service with bad or lame reputation. Event planning is a kind of business that needs the approval of consumers for success. For instance, if your company is not listed on Google, most of the consumers would avoid using your services.

Registration of your company on Google portrays professionalism.


Development of consumer trust

Google reviews play a critical role in developing consumer trust. Event planning companies with a positive reputation at Google tend to have a high lead generation in comparison to those event planning companies who have negative feedback from their clients. Besides that, consumers can also get access to the necessary information about your company.

It was seen in most surveys that consumers of the developed world consider unlisted companies as inactive, scam or bogus.

Impact on SEO rankings

SEO is undoubtedly the most fruitful marketing strategy for an event planning company. Successful companies maintain their Google profile and address the issues to their consumers by Google reviews. Google reviews play a deciding part in the search engine ranking of a business.

Google bots decrease the visibility of companies with a bad reputation. However, companies with positive ratings report a lift in their standings in Google.

Increase in sales

Google reviews give an idea about your commitment and dedication to your potential clients. A higher number of positive reviews are your unpaid advertisement campaigns, and the good news is, they have no expiry date.

Fruits of positive reputation on Google are recurring, and they are proven to affect event planning companies positively. Every 8 in 10 people trust Google reviews more than other reputation sites.

Increased traffic to your site

People surf the internet to find the best services near them. The first thing they encounter in the search results is Google reviews. They instantly click at the site link to see what your event planning is the company is offering them.

Companies displayed at the top get more traffic and potential buyers. Many pieces of research have proved that traffic generated through Google reviews brings more sales.

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